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Natives of Niger Upset at "N-Word" Mis-spellings
Niger is a landlocked country in Northern Africa that has been independent from the French since 1960. The country is not Nigeria and the natives are not referred to as Nigerians. As such, they are called Nigers and are upset that they are being compared to or called "Niggers" by many without proper knowledge of geography or geo-political systems. "We are not the N-word," said Bhufassa Mumbaloo, Minister of Niger at the country's Los Angeles Consulate Office. "We are Nigers, named after the country we come from, which is named after the Niger river. We have only one "g", not two."

Over 80% of the country is actually part of the Sahara Desert and 80% of the country is also Islamic. This means that the natives are also tired of being referred to as "sand niggers." Said Mumbaloo, "we may be Nigers who live in the sand, and therefore sand Nigers, but once again, we do not have the two g's."

"We were going to open a consulate in Birmingham, Alabama last year, but felt it would be best not to do so. We found several businesses that still denied service to the people with two g's, and did not think that they would understand the distinction."

"I also take offense at the people who call our rich Uppity Nigers or our less intellectual people Dumb Nigers (except that they use the extra letter in each case). I am proud of my heritage and my homeboys and am proud to be a Niger!"

When asked how people in his country did feel about the "two g" people, Minister Mumbaloo said that "I think that the women need to keep their legs together, the men need to get an education and jobs, they all need to drop the ebonics, and that their rap music is crap."
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