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Why smart and under employed Kenyan students do homework for American, European and Asian students

 Kenya has become known in recent years for an unusual phenomenon: smart and underemployed Kenyan students doing homework for American, European, and Asian students. This has sparked a lot of discussion and controversy, with some arguing that it is exploitation, while others see it as a legitimate form of work that is helping to create opportunities for young people in Kenya.

In this article, we will explore why Kenyan students are doing homework for students in other countries and the implications of this trend.


Why are Kenyan students doing homework for foreign students?

The primary reason that Kenyan students are doing homework for foreign students is economic. In Kenya, there is a high rate of unemployment, particularly among young people. According to a report by the World Bank, over 70% of Kenyans aged 15-34 are either unemployed or underemployed. This means that many young people are struggling to make ends meet, even if they have completed their education.

At the same time, there is a growing demand for academic support services from students in the US, Europe, and Asia. This is partly due to the increasing pressure on students to perform well in their studies, as well as the growing number of international students who may struggle with language barriers and cultural differences.


In this context, Kenyan students have found a niche by offering their services as homework helpers, essay writers, and research assistants. Many of these students are highly educated, with degrees from top universities in Kenya and abroad. They have excellent English skills and are familiar with the academic standards of Western universities.

Moreover, the availability of high-speed internet and online platforms has made it easy for Kenyan students to connect with clients around the world. They can work from home or from a cyber cafe and communicate with their clients via email, messaging apps, or video chat.


What types of services do Kenyan students offer?

  1. The services that Kenyan students offer to their clients vary widely, depending on their skills and the needs of their clients. Some of the most common services include:
  2. Homework help: Kenyan students may assist clients with their homework assignments, providing guidance and feedback on their work.
  3. Essay writing: Many Kenyan students specialize in writing essays for clients, which may range from short reflection papers to longer research papers.
  4. Research assistance: Kenyan students may help clients to conduct research for their assignments, providing them with access to academic databases and other resources.
  5. Editing and proofreading: Some Kenyan students offer services to edit and proofread clients' work, ensuring that it meets the required academic standards.
  6. Exam preparation: Kenyan students may provide coaching and tutoring to help clients prepare for exams, such as the SAT, GRE, or TOEFL.

What are the implications of this trend?

The trend of Kenyan students doing homework for foreign students has both positive and negative implications. On the one hand, it provides economic opportunities for young people in Kenya who might otherwise struggle to find work. Many students report earning a significant amount of money from this work, which they can use to support themselves and their families.

Moreover, some argue that this work provides valuable experience for Kenyan students, allowing them to develop their skills in research, writing, and communication. This could help them to pursue careers in academia, journalism, or other fields that require these skills.


On the other hand, some argue that this trend is a form of exploitation, with Kenyan students being paid low wages for work that is often time-consuming and intellectually demanding. Moreover, some worry that this trend could contribute to a culture of academic dishonesty, as students in other countries may be tempted to pass off the work of Kenyan students as their own. There are also concerns about the long-term implications of this trend for the Kenyan education system. 



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